SUP Trip to Mexico....

Feb 2, 2014

After arriving in the Socal a few weeks back, the news was out that a swell was coming into the entire California coast.  Now this is usually not much cause for alarm, but given the swell drought over that past few months, everyone and there brother started to froth over the swell that was heading in.  After much thought, the Boardworks Surf crew decided to head south of the border for two reason.  One was to test a bunch of new SUP's as well as surfboards that we are rolling out in 2014 and beyond, the other was to hopefully miss the swarms of people that were sure to pack the socal beaches, giving us access to the swell all to ourselves!   

Having never been to Mexico before, this was an amazing first trip to Baja California!   While I wasn't able to wear any of my Level six board shorts and tees in the water, given the colder water temps than the states, they were great for Apres Surf!  Now that I am back in Socal, I have been trying to soak up the "warmer water" in my board shorts! 

Here is a little taste of the test trip to Mexico 

SUP and Surf Baja test trip from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.


See you on the Water, 

Mike T 


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