Media Release: Taking it to the next Level

Apr 1, 2014
For immediate release, Ottawa Ontario.        

Shocking name change by legendary paddling company Level Six. 

Ottawa based Level Six paddling gear and clothing company has changed their name to Level Seven.

After 17 years of business they felt it was time to step it up a level. “ We went through all the options, level 6.1 , 6.2 , but really felt that stepping it up a full digit would be best.” Says Stig Larsson , co-founder. “Level Six just seemed lame , why not one higher?”. The company has a had roller coaster of success over the past 17 years creating a brand that institutes to great lengths quality, lifestyle and the love of the number 6.

Level Seven, formerly known as Level Six has also instituted a grade of rapids – and that is of course Class 7 rapids. “ The class system of rapids has not changed in decades, but the level of paddling has.” Says Lawlor, co-founder “We are a progressive paddling company, we beat to our own drum, make our own rules, but we are not held by the rules of the river. Level Seven baby.”  

The company is slated to release their new logo and branding later this week.

“Look out paddling world. It’s going to be crazy. Check out for more details….”hesitates Lawlor. “ I think we are going to need a new website.”

Ivona Padlalot
Level Seven
Communications Director

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