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Apr 29, 2014

Taking advantage of the last rays of sunshine


With winter finally over and water levels boosting up due to the rain, it was time to leave the house and find some good warm up runs. Québec city was still pretty frozen on Easter weekend, so I made the usual pilgrimage to the Laurentians and to the Rouge River, where I started paddling some 10 years ago. I was lucky to find the WhiteDog at optimal flows and took advantage of the last rays of sunshine to get my first rides of the season.


It was then time to explore a bit, and I had words from Sam, a good buddy, that there was a nice one-shot wave near is home in Terrebone. The one shot factor usually blows, unless you own a Seadoo!! So after a morning of mechanic work, we hit the water and gave the wave a shot. It wasn’t the biggest wave but it still was quite dynamic and fun to ride.


Evaluating the options


Getting it done

Nice urban setting

Seadoo coaching is an awesome improvement tool

Sam's time to enjoy the new finding


It is now time for me to rest and heal for a recent surgery. Should be back on the water just in time for the Québec city big melt!


Cheers – JP

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