'Can I Surf That' Film Project - Level Six Stand Up Paddle Athlete Brittany Parker

May 5, 2014

‘Can I Surf That’ is the brain child of myself and two other women with an uncontrollable obsession for river surfing. We’ve watched the sport expand and evolve over the past few years and it’s unlike anything we have ever seen but it’s still very unknown to the majority of the world. We want to show people why we are so crazy for the sport and what lengths we will go to in order to experience the unparalleled sensation of carving the face of a perfect standing wave. We won’t just be touching on the river surfing aspect of the sport, we will be diving into the dedicated tight-knit community, as well as giving you all a taste of some downriver/whitewater action. Our goal with this film is to help with the growth of the sport, encourage women to get out charge and follow their passion, and to premier our films in some of the most prominent adventure film festivals such as Banff and Sundance. 

We need your help, Claire Chappell and Heather Jackson are both full-time college students and I’m a full time athlete, so our funds aren’t that impressive but we won’t let that stop us. We’ve turned this film project into a Kickstarter campaign, where we are trying to raise a goal amount of $6,000. So far we have reached $3,062 and have just two weeks to raise the rest. You can donate anywhere from $5-3,000. When you visit our Kickstarter project you will see what awesome rewards you as a backer will receive for your donation. Visit our website as well as our Kickstarter to get all the details. Thank you for your support. See you on the water!

Website: http://canisurfthat.com/

Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1997132302/can-i-surf-that-the-search-for-the-perfect-river-w

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