Jacques-Cartier Nord-Ouest

Sep 16, 2014




One of the most mythical sections of whitewater around Quebec is definately the Jacques-Cartier Nord-Ouest. Some people say it's Taureau's big brother. There is not a lot of infos about this section and only a handfull of people have been into this deep canyon. Every time we were running the Taureau, we were able to see this steep and deep crack comming from the west getting into the Jacques-Cartier at the bottom of the Taureau section.

Last spring,  we decided it was time for us to go in this crack.


We drove as far as we can in the wilderness and camp at the point where the road was not praticable anymore. The next morning, we had to get into the epic hike that made the reputation of the JCNO. 


The whole adventure was epic and we were all super stoke to be at the bottom of this run. It is a mission but definitely one of the sickest place we've seen. This river is the main tributary of the Jacques-Cartier. To paddle continuous class IV-V (full of sieves & undercuts) in that huge canyon for a whole day is pretty intimidating but an incredible feeling


So there it is, one of the rare videos of this mythic section, featuring a quick shot of the third descent of Landslide rapid,  some clues to reach the canyon and a lot of good whitewater images. 



Jacques-Cartier Nord-Ouest river from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.


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