Level Six Athlete Kalem Kennedy @ Ottawa XL //

May 22, 2015

Took part in my third annual Ottawa XL this past weekend at Wilderness Tours. The weather was perfect , the company on the river , even better. Due to lower than ideal water levels, this event was almost cancelled until 2 days before. I was super stoked to see the competition was a go and that it was going to be held on Mini Bus. The levels were not ideal but the challenge was accepted by all competitors.

First event of the day was a exciting Boatercross run through The Lorne Rapid with a gate thrown in for a little extra challenge but nothing could have made for a more entertaining event than the unpredictable mini bus wave  that became the game changer. Luck was not on my side as I approached the Bus-eater Tongue. On my last paddle stroke , the tongue crashed and sent myself and another paddler tumbling over the back side of the wave. Good times . 

The second event was a Freestyle challenge with 3 rides having your best score count. I threw a few tricks and got myself on the score board . As an up and coming paddler, it is always great to hang out and paddle with so many top athletes from around the world. This sport is always progressing and I am excited to be a part of it .



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