Malabar River Festival 2015 // Asia's Largest White-water Festival

Aug 14, 2015

Level Six is proud to sponsor Asia's Largest white-water festival, the Malabar River Festival! 

"The 3rd edition of the Malabar River Festival 2015 was a massive success. We had a total of 100 athletes participating in this year's edition, almost twice the number from last year. There were quite a few big names in the fray including Mike Dawson, Sam Sutton, Joey Morley, Phil Mitchell and some old stalwarts like Darren Clarkson King. In the short span of 3 years the festival has already gone on to become the biggest white-water festival in Asia, in terms of quality of the athletes, the total prize money involved and the crowds that festival manages to attract." -- Manik Taneja (Event Organizer)

Here are some wicked pictures of the event below, and for more information check out




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