Pre-World's Update // with Level Six athlete Devyn Scott [ PICS ]

Aug 26, 2015

Training is in full force here in the Ottawa Valley with athletes showing up from all over the world.  Garberator levels have been fairly constant around negative 1 with the hopes (and promise) that the levels will rise to between negative ½ - negative ¾ by the start of the competition on the 30th.  Athlete training starts on Sunday the 23rd so the wave will be closed to only the designated countries for team specific training times with their coaches and teammates. 

Many athletes are looking strong out there with some standing out more than most.  It’s hard to say who will take top 10 at worlds and even harder to call the top 5.  With rides only 45 seconds long athletes will likely have time for about 6-12 tricks scoring upwards of 1000-1500 points.  The competition will start with a preliminary round with each athlete getting 4 rides and top two rides combined counting.  Then moving to quarter finals with 3 rides and 1 counts, semis is 2 rides 1 counts and finals will be 3 rides 1 counts. 

I am just starting to dial in my rides now trying to keep each ride above 1000 points if possible.  Here is my current trick-list.

Airscrew R

Airscrew L

Panam L

Panam R

Flashback L

Flashback R

BackPanam L

BackPanam R

Helix L

Helix R

Pistol Flip

Clean Blunt


It will be interesting to see who comes out on top after their 12 rides and good luck to all competitors.

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