The Land of Rising Sun - a Kayaking Adventure in Arunachal Pradesh, India (Full Movie)

 Enjoy the full documentary about my big water expedition to India a year ago. As always Level Six supported me the best way possible. Thanks for that!

"The extreme kayaking team Nils Dippon, David Ernst, Florian Petry and Jonas Grünewald will take you on their adventure journey in north-eastern India, experience the straining descent of mighty Siang River.

Siang River is one of the most powerful rivers of the entire planet. Before breaking through the Himalayas it drains the majority of the Tibetan plateau, collecting tons of water and reaching its extraordinary volume. The river is called ‘Tsanpo’, what changes into ‘Siang’ after crossing the Indo-Tibetan border.

This is where the thrilling kayaking adventure starts: a 5 days lasting multiday trip on big water at its best, cut off from any civilization and acting at one’s own risk.

In "The Land of Rising Sun - a Kayaking Adventure in Arunachal Pradesh, India" you will experience the difficulties and challenges the team had to face, on the river itself and in the stranger of remarkable India."

THE LAND OF RISING SUN - english from 1596 Media on Vimeo.


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