Jan 29, 2016

Strange life, I had to go with my friends in Georgia, and we decide to go to India at Malabar - Festival !! A new place and never seen by me unknown, the desire is strong, I wonder,  that rivers will there be? Disembark from the plane, it is night, we expect another five hours by taxi to get to our destination, where there are waiting Manik and Jacopo, two of our friends who are not that organizers malbar - Festival!


Now we can sleep ..... but only for two hours ... it's already morning and we are sleepy and tired, as if in a dream, to start on the ramp of start of the first race ... I think it's a nightmare, but instead is reality !!!! I am astonished and amazed by the impeccable organization, these guys are too strong.


After the Festival, we decided to stay in town to do the rivers in the area, being able to get permission to go down a river for the first time. The waters of this river flow into a national park, but thanks to Jacopo Nordera, great communicator, we can have with the granting permits in hand to be able to enter the park, along the river and bathe our canoes.

The river is a sight, surrounded by nature ... beautiful !!!! We leave the town and decided to head north - east to the city of Bangalore, where our path will go down other rivers, we meet with the leeches, but I assure you that in this place is the least danger !


Our trip is over, we abandon ourselves to the good memories and the emotions that this beautiful country has given us, filled with homesickness and with a great desire to return !!India still hides many rivers to discover, never paths, and then goodbye, see you soon



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