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Hi all,

Better late than never, yeah it's right!!
I was so busy these last weeks, means I spent lot of my time in Level6 gears which is good!! Was time to take the time to update my blog and writte some blabla with cool photos on.
So it's done!!

News on my blog, in english en french:
- New Teva sponsorship
- Spriiiiiing!!
- Stand Up Paddle in Rodez
- FLUID Kayak BigBang
- The Steam'Box video clip
- Open Canoe Festival 2011
- Traning camp with the kids of my region
- Video "A spring wake up"

And some other cool things are coming later...

Enjoy and share!!

I leave tomorow to the Pyrenees and will stay there for a good week of awesome kayaking!!
The Pyrenees Buddies Race I wan last year will take place next weekend on May, 13th to 15th.
Rrrrrrr I'm ready to kick ass guys!!

Enjoy the river!!


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