James Reeves supports anti-bullying campaign

May 17, 2011

The Knockout Bullying campaign has now officially launched.

The campaign which is a SPIKED and KIDSCAPE initiative, has 2 clear aims
1 - To raise the awareness of bullying and the effects it has on people
2 - To encourage participation in action sports to build confidence and self esteem

The campaign is backed by some of the top action sports athletes from across the UK, who are also genuine role models for young people.
The first ambassador meeting was held in London this week and was a great success.

Attendees included the campaign management team.

Matt Walton (Campaign President),
Claude Knights (Kidscape Director),
Peter Bradley (Kidscape Deputy Director),

and the action sports ambassadors, including Freestyle Kayak James Reeves;

The whole team have inputted into this unique campaign, so the commitment from all team members is huge.

The objectives of the campaign are to deliver schools and college workshops and events with a focus on creating an atmosphere of  social inclusion, building confidence.and promoting the values of a healthy lifestyle.

To start donating towards this campaign please click - http://www.justgiving.com/spikedknockoutbullying

For further information on the campaign please click -  http://www.getspiked.co.uk/anti-bullying/spiked-knockout-bullying-the-campaign-id27

For further information on Kidscape, please click - www.kidscape.org.uk

A Knockout Bullying Facebook site will also be live in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your support.


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