Currents: Season 2, Episode 1

Jun 3, 2011

Currents is a river stewardship focused WebTV program (online video documentary) which uses white water kayaking as a means to educate a broader audience about the risks threatening the world’s rivers and to help highlight the intrinsic value of preserving rivers in their natural state. Level Six is proud to sponsor this ongoing project.

The Whitewater Grand Prix and Hell or High Water are two major whitewater events that just occurred in Canada. While these events are very different, both of these events play a role in corresponding whitewater federations in Quebec and Ontario. Both have also acted as a launching pad for these groups to promote advocacy and the growth of the sport. As well, they both provide for some awesome entertainment.

Thanks to Tribe & Dan Caldwell for the additional footage.

Currents v2_1: Whitewater Grand Prix & Hell or High Water from Five2Nine Productions on Vimeo.

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