Returning Home

Jun 28, 2011

Hey Everyone! I've been home for about four weeks now relaxing on the farm. After a great year with New River Academy I have decided not to return next year and pursue some other goals of mine. Most of which are paddling oriented. Through the whole  I have paddled almost everyday! I've basically put the Level Six gear through the wringer and out the other side and gotten to see the quality and care behind the gear that allowes you to focus on the paddling instead of how you need another drytop while in the middle of Patagonia. I can not stress enough the importance of having gear that doesn't break down in a month or two. I have been using the Mack Dry Top throughout my travels this past year and just got the new Reign Drytop as my replacement for my year and half old Mack. The new Reign takes the Mack drytop's dryness and durability and brings it to the next level. The guys down at Level Six looked at the places where a drytop takes the most wear and tear and added Armortex Reinforcement. They also left a little room inside the arms and I've been using my elbow pads under my drytop which keeps them from falling down or getting wet and heavy. I keep finding new things in the drytop that make it better and better! There is a fleece lined Kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm as well as velcro enclosures which stop water from shooting into your gaskets and getting that little bit of leakage from the basic pressure of the water. I recomend this drytop to anybody but mostly for those guys about to go and push themselves on some challenging whitewater and especially to the creek boaters out there. You guys are going to dig the new changes and advances that the Reign brings to the table. Thanks again Level Six for making my year a dry/safe one!

Paddle Hard,

Tino Specht

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