Sjoa River Festival No.1

Jul 14, 2011

First update here live from the Sjoa River Festival 2011 in Sjoa, Norway. Yesterday the event took off with the Freestyle Competition on the epic Jolgen wave here. It was a 30 minute Jam Session scoring moves in three categories: Classic, biggest trick and biggest ride. This made it interesting to watch with a variety of big air moves and classics as the paddle spin. The sun was out and the atmosphere was very good, thanks Mariann Seather and Erika Sprunk for organizing this event! The results will be known on saterday at the closing party after the Sweet Rumble so we have to sit and wait for that.

The first night was the Legendary Pimp 'n Ho party where boys and girls dress up like girls and boys.. in one word: chaos. Another epic party with many funny costumes, photos tell more so I'll just shut up on this.

[gallery link="file"]

Today was the time trails which is like the prelims for the Ula Extreme Race and the Sweet Rumble Boatercross. The course was pretty easy but the field strong with many international athletes. The crux was the actual eddy where you had to touch the banner. Hangover boaters from yesterdays party battled their way down to set a qualifying time for the other races. I got 20th which means I qualified for both races and updates will continue;) I attached the total list of results for those interested.

Cheers, Raou

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