Natural Games 2011

Jul 17, 2011

As every year took place the last weekend of June the Natural Games in Millau, Aveyron, France.
Teva invited me this year for the freestyle kayak contest and the boater cross, also to make photos during the weekend!!

My bro Gautier was also there invited by Teva also to film the "Teva MTBike Slopstyle" finals!!

Friday, after a long training afternoon in the little hole of Millau, I put my feet in the dust of the "Teva MTBike Slopestyle" course to shoot some photos.

Saturday took place the Freestyle kayak contest.
Long time I didn't compet in my freestyle kayak, was hard to found back my marks for the contest in that little hole, but it was so good to be on the water!!
I ended 23rd... So close of the 1/4 finals...
Well I took out back my photo camera and shoot a bit the Freestyle contest...

The boater cross semi-final was by night in front of a massive public!!!
There were so many people came along the river course to watch the boater cross, 1st time I paddled in front of a huge public like that!! Siiiiick!!
During the boater cross, I got my spot for the semi finals where I got dismissed after a great fight!!!
Eric Deguil wan the boater cross aheading Fabrice Poueyto and Nicolas Peschier!!

One more time the Natural Games were a sick event, water, sun, good atmosphere, good music, fat ride, well... A great riding weekend!!!
See you probably next year!!

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