Sjoa Festival Wrap-up

Jul 21, 2011

The Sjoa River Festival 2011 is over and it was yet another perfect event! Friday we saw the finals of the Ula Extreme Race with strong competitors fighting for the win. In the end it was Honza Lasko from Czech Republic to paddle his way down to slides and waterfalls and took home gold.

In the Sweet Rumble the battle was on in the Amot Gorge with again a very strong field of competitors, which made the final intense. Phil Gibbons from Australia took the win here, leaving Kiwi Jamie Sutton in third. Jamie got second in the Ula as well, congrats! Marrian Seather finally made the eddy this year, ending first in both the Ula and Sweet Rumble. Next year more female competitors should come and race!

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I got knocked out in both races, ending 16th at Ula, missing the cut by just a second! At the price giving it was Belgium L6 paddler Sven Joos who got the price for the biggest ride in the freestyle, but since he was not there I collected the price for him. Afterwards Marrian Seather got to me and said it was actually me who won the biggest ride. Video will be posted soon at
Also follow that link for more results, news and some video posts!

So now we're just cruising around Norway following the water. So far the water has been pretty low here, but today we'll look for some more runs and head to the famous Rauma area, can't wait!


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