Metz : last step of the FKT and championship of France.

Aug 3, 2011
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Friday July 29th, I leave Paris in the direction of Metz (northeast of France) to compete for the FKT finale.

This weekend promises to be crazy and at the end of it all the title of french champion. It's a major challenge since I missed one competition on account of my participation to the Worlds in june. So before the beginning of the competition  I am 3rd in the provisionnal ranking.
So I only have one solution to keep my title : win the finale in Metz.
I have a lot of pression on my shoulders when I get into the hole of Metz for the qualifications. I end first tied with two mediocre runs.
After a great party with my friends, it's hard to wake up but I feel confident and I hope I will be able to pull off the Mc Nasty for the finale.
Sunday, 10:30 a.m. : it's the beginning of the finales. The girls let themselves go and do the show.  Right before my first run, the pression go up a nocht. But no time to think, I have to do my best.
I start with a wavewheel followed by an air loop, then space godzilla, cartwheel, splitwheel and I finally pull off an air Mc Nasty.
Everybody applause and the speaker screams my score! "Marlène has accomplished a huge score:680 points! Unbelievable!"
Finally I am first of the FKT finale which also makes me french champion! Winning bet!
Thanks to Richard Bord for his beautiful pictures!

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