Waiting For The World To Turn

Sep 8, 2011

To all the people who will stay in canada this winter, I applaude you, but I'm out!! In search of warmer places and higher water I'm going south. Mexico first and Chile second! The Ottawa has provided yet another summer of amazing paddling and good times. The Keener program thrived with young all stars learning faster than ever. We made a few trips out to Lachine and north into Quebec to find some big waves. Some were a success but most were not. My plans are to go to Mexico with Aniol Serrasolses and scare myself while completing some outstanding film projects and then move to Chile with a surf kayak and a creek boat. There I will meet up with Lorenzo Andrade Astorga and begin exploring the rivers of northern Chile of which I don't know much about. Our hope is to find some new waterfalls while also interviewing the people of Chile about the damming of the rivers that has been happening more and more over the past few years. We'll see you out there on the rivers and streets of the world!

Thanks to: Triberiders/Whitewater Grand Prix the Grand Prix Media

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