Callaghan Race

Oct 9, 2011

This summer I was able to get a little time off work to head out to Whistler for the Callaghan Creek Race.  I had attended the original Whistler Creek Cup years ago and couldn't wait to get back there to paddle the awesome runs in the area and race Callaghan. I showed up the day before the race with just enough time for a quick warmup on the Upper Cheak and a few practice laps on the Callaghan. On the second lap we had a swim and a pinned boat, luckily Ryman was able to grab the rope tied into the boat and with a quick Z-drag we got it off the midstream bolder.  The race was a blast.  I raced with Mark Basso and we finished with a time of 16:13, 4 seconds off second place and 30 off first.  Not bad for only two practice runs and the locals laying down some pretty quick runs. Thanks to Steve Arns for organizing such a awesome event.  If you can, make sure to check it out next year.

Here's a link to some more photos and the full results.

Hector Callaghan

Sunday there were a ton of boaters around and we had a fun day knocking off Callagahan, the Upper Cheak and the Soo. It had been three years since I'd been down the Soo and I knew it the best out of anyone in our group.  It was higher than I had ever done it so that turned out to be a particularly fun run. It also resulted in another out of boat experience and the for the second time in two days I was pulling a boat off a pinned rock, at least we where getting some good safety practice.

After Whistler a few of us cruised out to Nakusp and managed to paddle St.Leon, the Kuskunux and the Pingston over the next few days. A solid group, high water levels and some of my favorite runs made it an awesome way to finish up the trip.

Mark on St.Leon Creek

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