Whitewater Symposium - the future of the sport

Oct 30, 2011

Mission Statement of the Whitewater Symposium:

PROMOTING the SPIRIT OF WHITEWATER. We invite you and everyone who loves whitewater sport to participate, as we have the greatest potential to influence its future!

The Whitewater Symposium (WWS) is an annual event, which brings manufacturer’s, business owners, paddlers and other whitewater enthusiasts together to brainstorm ways to grow the paddling sports industry.  There is no other event, which brings literally, everyone, together than the WWS.

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This year is my 4th year attending the WWS.  This event has allowed me to visit Coloma, CA, NOC, Zoar and now the Jackson Kayak factory in Rock Island, TN.  With close to 100 attendees for this event, sitting in the same room, we shared knowledge and ideas; and, had some great conversations about how to use each other to grow the sport.  One of my favorite things about each WWS is the networking.  The dialogue and ideas exchanged to help each other grow as paddlers, instructors and business owners is invaluable.

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In 2012, the WWS will be held in the Pacific Northwest.  This is only the second time that the symposium has been held on the West coast.  Wet Planet Whitewater will be hosting the event and myself, along with the WWS board, will be planning the awesomeness!  If you have any ideas, suggestions or you or your business would like to play a part in the 2012 WWS, you can contact me at heather@wetplanetwhitewater.com.

In my opinion, the growth of any sport industry (or industry in general) is using each other – the competition – as assets – not as something to feel threatened by.  My hope for the 2012 WWS is that EVERYONE comes together – sharing and learning – and just having an incredible experience.  Walking away with only one idea can change your life or the way you run your business J

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Heather Herbeck

Team Level Six

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