2011 interview

Here is an interview with STACCATO a French communication company.

English translation of the interview :

"My name is Marlène Devillez and I have been doing kayak since I’m 7. At first I was doing slalom, but then decided to change for a funnier discipline: the freestyle kayak.

Here are my results in 2010/2011:

-I’m champion of France (championship in Metz);

-I’m also champion of Europe (championship in Lienz, Austria);

-And I ranked 9th at the World Championship in Germany

I’m currently preparing a Master’s degree in geology at the University of Besançon (France). I spend 6 months studying at the University and 6 months working in a engineering consulting firm specialized in hydrogeology, called BURGEAP and located in Paris. It’s quite difficult. When I’m in Besançon I train a lot (kayak and running) but when I’m in Paris I can only go footing and do body-building. I go back home the week-end so I can train a bit more.

In 2012 my goal is to be one more time champion of Europe. In 2013, the world championship will take place in the USA, so maybe I’ll manage to be on the podium! I’m quite experimented now and I hope it will pay!"

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