1st round of the Free Kayak Tour: Flip Flap

May 20, 2012

This year’s first round took place in the Pyrenees - a much anticipated competition on the famous Flip Flap wave with a super charged party atmosphere!

After 10 hours on the road from Paris, I finally arrived in the mountains, only to learn from my friends that the water level was exceptionally low. “Be careful”, they warned, “the bottom isn’t far. If you blunt too far forward you might break your new boat…”. Knowing that, I was super nervous heading into the wave for my first run. But luckily the qualifiers went well and I finished in 1st place. Now I just had to make a repeat performance for the final!

That night, the party vibe was pumping, with everyone dressed up in costumes and a huge paella to fill our bellies. The concert got everybody dancing and we finished the night in the wee hours of the next morning...

After a few well-deserved hours of sleep, I found myself once again on the water for the final! I was a little timid in my first run but went for it in my second and pulled ahead of the other girls. I had finished first in the first round of the Free Kayak Tour! Round two is in Metz (northeastern France) the 1st and 2nd of June!

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