Second step : Free Kayak Tour in Metz (France)

Jun 12, 2012

The second round of the French Free Kayak Tour took place in Metz, a great city with the Moselle river winding between old buildings and churches. The Pucelle basin is a great venue for freestyle as well as slalom and I was excited to get my boat into the water to test out the little roller !

The spot is pretty gentle and lets you try out any and all moves. I was of course happy to oblige by testing out my McNasties and Phoenix Monkeys.

The other women competitors were on deck and fired up, and a supportive crowd encouraged us all. In the final I managed a solid sequence : powerflip, right cartwheel, right splitwheel, left cartwheel, huge loop, and a McNasty ! That was enough to earn me first place with 480 points.

 Next step : Lienz !

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(Thanks to Gautier Boudat for these beautiful pictures!)

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