Another year with L6 begins . . .

Nov 28, 2012

I’ve been asked on countless occasions, “WHY Level Six?” I then start rambling off the reasons why I choose this company. It wasn’t until this year . . . just last week . . . when I received an email from L6 about the 2012 team that I paused and really asked myself, “Why Level Six!”

[caption id="attachment_6500" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Team Level Six[/caption]

The Company:
The attraction to L6 all starts here. Product means nothing to me unless it comes from a quality company that cares – about the industry, community, river conservation, products and athletes. I have been part of Team L6 for about 5 years now and have witnessed first hand the growth of this company. I am proud to be a Global Team Member for Level Six and look forward to the year ahead.

The Product:
To be able to combine quality product with style is undoubtedly a challenge in the industry, but Level Six has nailed it. Being that I literally live in my paddling gear about 350 days a year, I’ll be honest with you it’s nice to look good! A few of my favorite pieces of gear are:
• The Long Sleeve Drytop – Canary yellow is so kick ass!
• The Georgian Semi-dry pant – Perfect for summer time paddling in the gorge when the temperature is 80 degrees, yet the water is 40 degrees.
• Hot Fuzz Women’s one-piece fleece – I love this piece of gear for many reasons:
- Mexico boating: it keeps the pesky gnats from biting my legs. Pair this with the cute Level Six shorts and you’re rockin’ the style.
- Summer boating in the gorge under my drytop/drypant combo.
- Snowboarding/X-country skiing. The perfect layer for your snowsports, too.
- It’s NOT bulky . . . I’ve worn other one-piece suits that get all bunched up under my gear or clothing . . . this piece is nice and sleek to the body.
•The Conceptual Womens Softshell Jacket - I have gotten so many compliments on this jacket.  Lightweight enough so it doesn't feel bulky, but fleece-lined so that it's nice and warm.  Plus, it's got a larger hood which I love . . .

[caption id="attachment_6501" align="aligncenter" width="300"] "I love the bright colors Level Six offers" ~ Heather[/caption]

So, Why Level Six?:
Life is about feeling connected. Whether it be with family, friends, your job, the river . . . we all want and need to feel that connection. I choose Level Six because they realize that their success relies on the connection between their business goals, their products and their team members.

Thanks Level Six for rockin’ my paddling world, choosing me to represent your product and purpose, keeping my warm and protected and scoring me a 10 on the style scale when I’m out there on the river.

[caption id="attachment_6502" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sporting the women's Fuzz one piece in the snow[/caption]

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