Van Island

Dec 11, 2012


BC got absolutely rocked by rain storms in
late June and early July this year which meant land slides, floods and too much
water to safely kayak anywhere in BC, so we took off to Vancouver Island to
check out the so called goods out there.

About 100kms and a ferry ride landed us in
Comox and ready to go. Pavel Bendel brought us to one of the most beautiful
camp spots I have ever been luck to experience, located on a natural jette
leading to the centre of a local fishing hotspot. We set up camp here and blasted
off as many rivers as we could.

Due to the small population and lack of
kayakers in the area there is not too much beta on the area and we took our
time to really enjoy every bit of water we could.
Van island seems to be an outdoor enthusiasts
dream come true, surfing, climbing, hiking, kayaking,  riding and chilling all on one small little island. Oh and
it runs pretty much all year. 

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