Barrier Dry Suit

Jan 23, 2013
Who doesn’t like a dry suit right, you can
roll out of bed don whatever base layer set up you have going on, with woolly
socks, slap on a pair of boardies and your good to go for the whole weekend.
I was pretty keen this year and tried to
get out kayaking as early as I could, and even managed to persuade some locals
to go paddling when there was still a foot of snow on the ground.
With the barrier you got good thick
material that can take hiking through the bush, pockets to store stuff and
material socks that don’t freeze when your hiking in the snow!!!! It comes in a
wide array of sizes so you can go Ottawa gangster sylez, or snug, running
around the banks style.
I have been rocking a barrier for the last
few years and have had no complaints, it's super dry, the colours are bright so your hand
signals are easy to see, even in dark canyons and if someone does swim the
bright colours show up pretty quick and despite what some people might say you
can get in and out of this dry suit on your own, as long as you wax the back
zip regularly.
From really really cold Alberta, Dave Crerar
PS if your 5'11'' and 190lbs XL is to big ;)

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