The REIGN is the Best Level Six Paddling Jacket!!

Mar 19, 2013


The REIGN is the top style in the LEVEL SIX paddling jackets range, with high quality in fabrics and manufacturing, paired with various unique comfort and safety features.
Fabric is a tri-laminate breathing multi-layer with good consistency. The seams and inner weldings are extremely accurate and so are all of the water drains from collar, cuffs and front pocket.

Water proofness and durability are unique, this garment is perfect for heavy duty use even in the most severe weather conditions or long scouts and portages in remote areas with thick vegetation. In such occasions the cordura patches on the forearms, elbows and shoulders provide effective protection and minimize wear and tear of the garment.

Latex cuffs in the collar and wrists are well protected with a layer of neoprene that can be tightened with velcro straps. Indeed the neoprene overcuffs could have granted better protection if slightly higher , but it is still more than enough. The neoprene outer waist tube is high enough but it is interrupted with a nylon insert that can be tightened with 4 nylon straps with velcro locks.
The overall comfort of the garment is really impressive. It also features a fleece lined front pocket, to give your hands that extra heat after long hours of paddling. Even when wet, it works perfectly, just like a little oven.

On the front side is another pocket with a dry zipper. Inside we find a key bag and a whistle and enough room to fit a basic first aid kit and a knife.

You definately won’t be disappointed by this product that I highly recommend. The slightly higher price is more than justified by superior quality in make and materials, overall comfort, perfect fit and durability.

Happy paddling!

Gigi Codinotti

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