Feature Athlete of The Month: Heather Herbeck

Level Six has been a significant part of my life for over 5 years.  I am honored to be part of such a great company who continues to grow their line of product, their quality of product and their customer service year after year.

It is important to me, as a Level Six athlete, to represent the product in as extreme environments and variety of ways that I can.  I just recently got my brand spanking new drysuit . . . SICK!  Rarely will you see me in anything but my paddling gear.  Because of this reason, it is important to me to have quality gear, but also gear that make me look pretty darn cool!  The styles and the colors that Level Six develops get a 10 on my ‘cool factor’ scale. 

I also recently got the Women’s Hybrid Paddling Jacket, which is the perfect rain jacket for Pacific Northwest weather.  I love that Level Six has classy product for everyone, whether you are on the river or not!

So . . . what am I currently up too?  Well, the summer is just starting and this is my first summer in over 8 years that I get to focus on ME ~ my whitewater paddling, my slalom paddling and my Mt biking!  My goal this summer is PUSH myself ~ mentally and physically ~ in all of my sports!  I’ve stayed pretty much at the same level of paddling for the last few years . . . I need to ‘get excited’, ‘get scared’ and move towards continued growth!

I just recently started slalom boating and competed in my first slalom race in Bend, OR.  I managed to pull a first place finish in my division, which definitely helps ‘stoke the fire’ to train harder this summer for the PNW slalom race circuit in 2014.

I have also started a cool group consisting of women who push limits.  This group is called “FLUX” ~ www.fluxwater.com.  There are a few women’s groups out there today, but I feel we stand out in the fact that we are women in a variety of sports and a variety of ages who play hard.  We have families, jobs, kids, schooling . . . LIFE basically, yet we believe in the power of “outdoor living”.  Check us out.  Please “like” us on facebook (Flux) and share with the women in your life.  We hope to encourage and empower women through our adventures!







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