Don’t fit the standard drysuit sizes?

Apr 13, 2020

Don’t fit the standard drysuit sizes?

Not to worry – here’s a great plan B! 

Drysuits are an amazing garment to have in your paddling repertoire, as they really help extend your paddling season. You can get out on the water earlier in the spring and stay later in the fall. They even enable you to get out for that New Year’s Day paddle when it is definitely not regular paddling weather!

We are big fans of Level Six drysuits – love how comfortable they are, with their lightweight fabric, yet durable as well. Extra love at the moment for the new Women’s Freya suit with the front and bum zips!!!

Unfortunately Tim does not fit any manufacturers standard drysuit sizes. He’s a medium on the bottom and an extra-large on top (those darn shoulders)! This means that drysuits are either super tight or ginormous on him…

This season we have tested out the idea of pairing the Level Six Breakwater Bib dry pants with his regular Level Six drytop. Five paddles in and it is a huge hit! Super comfy, allows for layering, lots of room to move, and lightweight so he doesn’t feel stiff in his boat.

With the drytop tunnel coming over the bib pants, it creates a nice seal that keeps the water out when paddling. While it is not 100% waterproof if you swim, it’s a pretty solid combo and definitely safer than wearing a drysuit that is way too big and cumbersome.

If you have challenges with drysuit sizing, consider testing out the drysuit / drytop combo.

Check out the new Breakwater Bib 2.0:

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