We Won the 2023 Sustainability Award!

Oct 13, 2022

Two weeks ago, Level Six was awarded the coveted Sustainability Award at the International Paddlesports Show in Lyon! Here are some thoughts on receiving this award from our CEO Stig Larsson:

"We were up against every major global brand, and we came out on top with our environmental, corporate and social sustainability initiatives.

Level Six has been working towards this moment for the past eight years by really rethinking our corporate role in the world and ensuring we leave the smallest footprint with our products but, equally important, the most significant footprint in our social and community involvement and in our watershed conservation initiatives.

We have come such a long way from sewing and designing paddling gear and board shorts that we sold out of the back of our van to becoming a global leader in our industry.

Things like this don't happen; you have to dedicate your life and surround yourself with the best people with the same vision. Lucky for me, the people who put up with me daily are the best and most dedicated."

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