Winter Training on the Nile

1 comment Mar 7, 2013

Winter time in Québec in always long... Unless you can cut the white season in two with a little trip in the tropics were whitewater is always available. Uganda, unlike most people think, is a super friendly place and somewhat of a little spot of paradise, especially if you are a kayaker. This winter I was fortunate enough to scramble some vacation time and headed to the Nile on December 28th.

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After a memorable New Year's Party, I finally got my delayed bags and it was time to get on the water. A couple of practice runs were necessary in order to start increasing the level of difficulty of the lines I ran. That was is cool about the Nile, there are lines for everyone, from the easy class 3 wave trains to hard big water 5+ lines. And then, there is the Nile Special... One of the best waves around and that's from someone who lives right by Lachine and 3h away from MiniBus!

While you are out there, make sure to hit The Nile River Explorer River Camp and/or the Hairy Lemon. This places are amaizing and the owners super friendly.

Winter Paddling: Uganda from Jean-Philippe Paiement on Vimeo.

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