Unboxing Counterfeit Level Six Dry Suit From Amazon! 😨

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Counterfeit drysuits... Don’t do it! 

Our President, Stig Larsson, unboxed a counterfeit dry suit that we bought on Amazon from a brand that was copying our images... (this suit is also listed on Alibaba and Aliexpress) we also did a pressure test at the end of the video to test the waterproofness of the seam tape.

Here are a few of Stig's key takeaway's:

  • The counterfeit dry suit is less than half the quality of our Emperor Dry Suit. Not worth the $560 spent on Amazon (with shipping and tax). For that price you could buy a 5-year old used Empero Dry Suit as a safer product.
  • Inferior latex gasket that may only last a couple of uses.
  • Double-tunnel is not long enough to work or create a seal around the tunnel of a spray skirt.
  • Waist adjustment system that doesn't work.
  • Bulky neoprene socks will not fit any river boot.
  • Questionable quality waterproof zipper. Stig would not trust his life with a waterproof zipper that is not YKK or TIZIP. If your suit fills with water during a swim in whitewater, "it will probably be your last day."
  • Not worth taking the risk to save a few hundred dollars.
  • When you buy Level Six you are supporting years of hard work that has gone into designing a high-quality and durable dry suit. 
  • You are also supporting reat causes that give back to the kayak community and watershed conservation.

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  • Michael Gibson

    Have you contacted Amazon and had the fraudulent products pulled from their product list, and pursued claiming reparations? From the seller and from Amazon, especially if Amazon is offering Amazon direct sales from their warehouses. Be strong in defending your label!

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